ReverHotTaq DNA/RNA Polymerase 50x

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ReverTaq DNA/RNA Polymerase is a new thermostable enzyme with strand displacement and reverse transcription activity for RT-PCR and qPCR.



ReverHotTaq DNA Polymerase is an artificial engineered thermostable DNA polymerase, originated from BIORONs SD Polymerase. The HotStart function with AntiTaq antibody prevents non-specific amplification and allows reaction set-up at room temperature. ReverHotTaq shows a high reverse transcriptase activity for sensitive and robust cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification. Therefore, it can be used in a one-step RT-PCR assay with only one enzyme. The enzyme also possesses strand displacement activity and high thermostability up to 93 °C , so it is suitable for RNA templates with a complex secondary structure. Both total RNA and mRNA can be used as template. ReverHotTaq allows to detect target transcripts in a single reaction with only 10 pg of total RNA using gene-specific primers.
It also provides efficient, robust and specific PCR and qPCR amplification of DNA templates. Due to the 5’ – 3’ exonuclease activity, ReverHotTaq can be used in qPCR or RT-qPCR with hydrolysis probes (e.g. TaqMan).

  • Strand Displacement Reactions
  • Standard and Multiplex PCR/ qPCR
  • Reverse Transcription

ReverHotTaq Polymerase is not recommended for Isothermal Amplification.


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