SD Polymerase Hotstart

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BIORONs unique thermostable SD Polymerase 10 U/µl for Isothermal Amplification and regular PCR. Efficient for high GC-content and difficult targets. Polymerase is blocked by antibody.



SD Polymerase Hotstart 10 U/µl is a novel artificial thermostable polymerase with strong Strand Displacement, but lacking 5′-3′ exonuclease activity. It possesses heat stability up to 93 °C. With SD Polymerase Hotstart possibilities of Isothermal Amplification and regular PCR can be combined. The efficiency of Isothermal Amplification can be raised by initial denaturation steps to increase the accessibility of single strands. SD Polymerase Hotstart is efficient for high GC-content and difficult targets. Long Range PCR can be performed with target size up to 30 kb. The optimal blocking by antibody inactivates the enzyme until initial heating. SD Polymerase Hotstart can be used in various strand displacement reactions like WGA, Isothermal Amplification, PCDR, library generation and standard PCR reactions. For LAMP assays we strongly recommend SD Polymerase 50 U/µl without antibody.

SD Polymerase is also available without antibody for applications where Hotstart is not needed and as high concentrated variant with 50 U/µl for large scale applications.

Publications about SD Polymerase:

SF-qPCR: Strand Displacement-Based Fast Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction

A high-throughput assay for quantitative measurement of PCR errors

T-ARMS PCR genotyping of SNP rs445709131 using thermostable strand displacement polymerase

UK’s GeneFirst Developing Array of MDx Products Using Novel PCR Technologies

A strong strand displacement activity of thermostable DNA polymerase markedly improves the results of DNA amplification

  • Isothermal Amplification
  • Strand Displacement (LAMP – Loop Mediated Amplification*, WGA – Whole Genome Amplification, RCA – Rolling Circle Amplification, MDA – Multiple Displacement Amplification)
  • PCDR
  • Standard PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Long Range PCR up to 30 kb
  • Real-Time PCR (only with intercalating dyes)

*only with SD Polymerase 50 U/µl without antibody


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Additional information


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