SD Polymerase

BIORON’s unique and patented thermostable enzyme with 5’-3’ polymerase and 5’-3’ strand displacement activity.
Suitable for Isothermal Amplification and PCR amplifications!
Available in customized variants e.g. as Hot Start variant blocked with antibody and in different concentrations.

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BIORON’s MasterMixes for fast and easy PCR setup.
Keep it simple but make it special!
Already containing: BIORON Polymerases, Optimized reaction buffer, dNTPs and Magnesium salts.

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Raw materials for IVD production

We offer various Polymerases for production within our ISO 13485 certificate (medical).
Find our enzymes in diferent conzentrations and spezifications, e.g. as a high concentrated (HC) and glycerol free (GF) variants, which are suitable for lyophilization.
Customised variants are available on request!

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Customized Production

BIORON is experienced in supplying ready-to-use solutions for professionals, i.e. high concentrated polymerases for lyophilisation. If you have any questions or need products customized, please contact us. We are glad to be of assistance!