Easy Cell Transfection Kit

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Co-transcription Kit for easy and fast synthesis of mRNA.

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Easy Cell Transfection Kit is a high-efficiency liposome transfection reagent, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, convenient operation and stability, and is widely used for mRNA and DNA transfection of various cell lines.

High transfection efficiency – ultra-high transfection efficiency can be achieved for common cell lines

Low toxicity – low cytotoxicity, maintaining excellent cell viability and morphology

Good repeatability – high experimental repeatability and strong operability

High cost performance – high transfection rate, low price, economical and practical

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  • 10114-1.0
  • 1 ml

Modified nucleotides can be added to the substrate during transcription to prepare biotin- or dye-labeled RNA.

mRNA and DNA transfection of various cell lines

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