HiSynth® T7 Co-transcription Kit

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Co-transcription Kit for easy and fast synthesis of mRNA.

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HiSynth® T7 Co-transcription Kit is used for a quick synthesis of mRNA for research. It is easy to use with a high yield of up to 200 µg mRNA generated from 1 µg DNA template. The Kit contains Areternas novel Cap1 analogs and N1-methyl peudo uridine for reduced immunogenicity and shows a high capping efficiency of > 95 %. HiSynth® T7 Co-transcription Kit works with short and long templates from 1.4 kk to 10 kb. It contains all components needed for In-vitro transcription, except the DNA template.

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  • Pack Size

  • 10111-4011S
  • 10 reactions

  • 10111-4011
  • 50 reactions

Modified nucleotides can be added to the substrate during transcription to prepare biotin- or dye-labeled RNA.

In-vitro Transcription (IVT) of mRNA for synthesis of therapeutics and/ or vaccines.

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