HiTrans® T7 RNA Polymerase Mix

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T7 DNA Polymerase is a efficient enzyme for the synthesis of RNA, especially in mRNA synthesis.



T7 RNA Polymerase Mix is used in In-vitro transcription to incorporate NTPs into the growing mRNA chain, especially in mRNA synthesis. It is an DNA-dependent RNA polymerase and synthesizes RNA in 5’→3′ direction from linear DNA containing the T7 promoter.

This product is also available as T7 RNA Polymerase with 250 U/µl.

  • REF
  • Pack Size

  • 1030M-0.1
  • 100 µl

  • 1030M-1
  • 1 ml

  • 1030M-10
  • 10 ml

In-vitro Transcription (IVT) of mRNA for synthesis of therapeutics and/ or vaccines.

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