CAP 5 (ENE) ,100mM

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CAP 5 m7G(5′)vppp(5′)(2’OMeA)pG, 100mM Ammonium Solution

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Cap analog is considered as a critical stating material for the synthesis of mRNA. In cytosol, the cap structure binds to eIF4E to initiate translation. It also helps to protect mRNA from exonuclease and mediate the turnover of mRNA.

CAP Analog from Synthgene/ Areterna with a purity of ≥ 98 %(HPLC).

Molecular Weight: 1147.68 (free acid)

Molecular Formula: C33H43N15O23P44 (free acid)

GMP-grade and bulk quantities available upon request.

mRNA raw material

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Additional information

Additional information

mRNA raw materials

100 µl, 1 ml