Ron´s Plant Universal Mini Kit

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Ron´s Plant Universal Mini Kit provides an easy, safe and reliable method for isolation and purification of DNA and RNA from Plants.

RUO – Research Use Only



The Ron´s Plant Universal Extraction Kit is intended for the simultaneous extraction of total DNA/RNA from healthy plants or pathogen DNA/RNA from plant specimens infected with viruses, bacteria, or fungi. The kit is designed for manual NA extraction by using magnetic particles and extraction bags.

The extracted nucleic acids (NA) can be used for the identification of various diseases of agricultural plants via Real-Time PCR.

As starting material can be used:

  • leaves
  • stalk
  • seeds

The kit is supplied with extraction bags for convenient sample homogenization .

BIORONs MagicMag Rack can be used for manual extraction.

Extracted samples can be used in various downstream applications like qPCR and RT-PCR.

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Additional information

Additional information


50 preps, 5×50 preps