Human Placenta DNA

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Human Placenta DNA is supplied as liquid and can be used for hybridization, genomic analysis or construction of genomic libraries.


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Human Placenta DNA is a high complex DNA purified exclusively from human placental tissue from male newborn. It is treated with Proteinase K and subsequent phenol extraction and precipitation. The DNA has a high molecular weight and high purity. The fragment size of Human Placenta DNA is > 10 kb. It is tested for absence of HIV, HCV and HPV.

This DNA will specifically block human random repeat sequences and therefore is a ideal blocker for hybridization experiments like FISH or Southern/ Northern techniques. It can also be used for genomic analysis or construction of genomic libraries.


BIORON also offers COT I Human DNA  -small renriched repetitive sequences of Human Placenta DNA.

  • Genomic analysis
  • Construction of genomic libraries
  • FISH (Fluorescent in-situ hybridization)
  • Southern or Northern hybridization

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