COT I Human DNA, fluorometric

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COT I Human DNA is prepared from human male placenta DNA and is used for background reduction in applications like Microarrays and In Situ Hybridisations.

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BIORON offers COT I Human DNA made in Germany in highest quality. Manufactured from the precursor, male human placental genomic DNA, BIORON obtains the COT fraction by fragmentation. The product consists mainly of fast annealing repetitive elements. The COT I DNA production process has been improved to ensure a consistent size distribution from 50 to 300 base pairs. For fragment sizes in a range of > 10 kb BIORON offers bulk quantities of Human Placenta DNA (REF 401022) on request.

COT I Human DNA is available from BIORON specified according to your customer requirements.


• Balanced proportion of Y-chromosomal sequences
• Enriched repetitive sequences
• Reliable size distribution 50 – 300 bp
• Customizable for your production

Tested quality
• By photometric and fluorometric methods
• Purity A260/280 > 1.6

Highest safety
• Phenol treated
• HIV I / II, HCV and HBV tested

  • COT I Human DNA
  • photometric
  • REF 402007
  • Concentration 1-2 mg/ml
  • Pack Size 500 µg
  • COT I Human DNA
  • fluorometric
  • REF 402004
  • Concentration >1.2 mg/ml
  • Pack Size 1 ml

Filter/ Microarray hybridization assays
In-situ hybridization (e.g. FISH)
Single-copy-gene hybridization
Reduction of cross hybridization

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