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SD Polymerase



for Strand Displacement at its best!

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Customized PCR Mastermixes

Do you want to switch to ready-to-use PCR Mastermixes? But it is hard to find the right one for your special application or formats? Please contact us. We will compose the mix especially targeted for your needs.

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Food analysis now also available in Real-Time

"Know what you eat" by PCR species detection

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AptaHotTaq DNA Polymerase

AptaHotTaq minimizes
primer/dimer formation, reduces unspecific
oligonucleotide priming and therefore,
enhances target-specific amplification.
AptaHotTaq, is a mixture of the thermostable Taq DNA Polymerase
with DNA-aptameres inhibiting the
enzyme's activity at temperatures up to 50 °C.

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