SD Polymerase

BIORON's unique thermostable Polymerase
for Strand Displacement at its best!


Lyophilized PCR Master Mixes

available as Standard Taq or Hotstart version

Our Master Mixes are lyophilized with an optimized mixture of polymerases and dNTPs.Outstanding stability and easiest handling

Taq Master Mix or

SuperHot Master Mix lyophilized...

Taqman Master Mix lyophilized...

Food Analysis by PCR

"Know what you eat" by PCR species detection.

Very sensitive analysis of unwanted substances in every kind of food, feed and cosmetics.


RON's Extraction
Mini Kits for DNA

We proudly present the new generation of optimized kits for highest efficiency!

Ron's Plasmid
Ron's PCR Pure
Ron's Gel Extraction
Ron's Blood / Cell DNA
Ron's Tissue DNA

For best results in your lab!