One Step WGA Kit

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One Step WGA Kit for Whole Genome Amplification with BIORONs unique SD Polymerase.



One Step WGA Kit is a new type of Whole Genome Amplification Kit with BIORONs SD Polymerase. The Kit is using MDA (Multiple Displacement Amplification and covers about 60% of the human genome. In combination with other available WGA kits a coverage of 80% can be achieved. Especially GC-rich regions and difficult targets can be amplified. With a fast and easy protocol and ready-to-use buffers up to 9 kb fragment length can be amplified in less than 2 hours.

Fragements generated with One Step WGA Kit can be used for Single Cell Analysis, NGS, SNP genotyping, PCR-based mutation detection, STR and RFLP analysis or different array technologies.

For applications where cell lysis is necessary, an improved version of One Step WGA Kit – the Single Cell WGA Kit – can be used.

* Single Cell Analysis
* SNP Genotyping
* qPCR- and PCR-based mutation detection
* STR and RFLP detection
* Array technologies (comperative genomic hybridization)

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