DNA Fragmentation Kit

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DNA Fragmentation Kit for enzymatic fragmenation of dsDNA for Next Generation Sequencing

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BIORONs DNA Fragmentation Kits is designed for enzymatic fragmentation of genomic DNA for preparation of a DNA library for Next Generation Sequencing. The length of generated dsDNA fragments can be adjusted from 100 to 800 bp simply by the concentration of magnesium chloride.

This kit provides an easy and fast preparation with a combination of BIORONs unique SD Polymerase and a nonspecific endonuclease DNase I. Many overlapping elongated fragments with 3′-A-overhangs are generated which are suitable for direct ligation with adapters, bypassing the additional steps of repairing the ends of DNA fragments and adenylation.

A suitable Kit for subsequent DNA ligation will be coming soon.

* preparation of DNA library for Next Generation Sequencing


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