Smart One RT-PCR Master Mix

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Smart One RT-PCR Master Mix is designed for all applications that require Reverse Transcription of RNA into cDNA and a subsequent PCR amplification. Only primers and sample RNA have to be added to the mix.

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Smart One RT-PCR Master Mix is a 2x ready-to-use Master Mix for all probe-based RT-qPCR applications. This one-tube one-step Mix can efficiently perform Reverse Transcription of RNA into cDNA and the subsequent PCR amplification. The liquid mix shows high sensitivity, a low concentration of template RNA is required. Smart One RT-PCR Master Mix contains Reverse Transcriptase, HotStart Taq polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffer, RNAsin, stabiliser and blue dye for convenient visual pipetting. Only primer and RNA template is required, so pipetting steps and risk of contamination can be minimized.

This Master Mix is suitable for all probe based PCR assays for analysis of RNA samples via Real-Time PCR, like diagnostic virus detection.

This product is for resarch use only. Not approved for use in clinical or in-vitro diagnostics.

  • Analysis of RNA samples with Real-Time PCR for probe-based PCR assays
  • Kit production, for example detection of pathogenic viruses

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