DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase

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DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase 5 U/µl is suitable for all basic PCR applications.

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DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase is isolated from eubacterium Thermus aquaticus strain YT-1 with a size of 94 kDa. The highly purified enzyme possesses 5′-3′ polymerisation and 5′-3′ exonuclease activity and does single 3′ dA overhangs. It is free of nonspecific endo- or exonucleases. Fragments up to 5 kb can be amplified. DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase is the perfect enzyme for all standard PCR applications.

The polymerase is supplied with three different 10x buffers (with and without MgCl2) and additional MgCl2 for universal application on customers side.

DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase is not blocked by antibody. This enzym is available as high concentrated custom variant upon request, please contact us.

For PCR applications where a HotStart function or Multiplexing is needed, we recommend our SuperHotTaq Polymerase.

* Standard PCR
* Real-Time PCR
* Multiplex PCR
* Pathogen Detection


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