7-deaza-dGTP, 50 mM

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7-deaza-dGTP is a modified nucleotide with can be incorporated into DNA for increased stability.

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7-deaza-dGTP (7-deaza-2’- deoxyguanosine 5’- triphosphate, dilithium salt) is a nucleotide analog that can be effectively incorporated into the DNA by DNA polymerases and/or terminal deoxynucleotidyl-transferase. 7-deaza-dGTP- containing DNA duplexes demonstrate increased stability and penetrates the cell membrane more effectively. It is used in sequencing for the resolution of the compression in G-C- rich regions. Supplied as aqueous solution with a concentration of 50 mM.

Storage at -20°C.


  • resolution of compressions in GC-rich regions in sequencing
  • DNA labeling with various methods

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