Human Placenta Collagen IV

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Human Placenta Collagen, Type IV

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Native Human Placenta Collagen from THT Biomaterials, Austria.

While Collagen I is the most abundant collagen type, Collagen IV only exists in basement membrans. It is used to bind cell types like thrombocytes, hepatocytes, keratinocytes, endothelial, pancreatic and cancer cells. It is prepared from Human Placenta Tissue and shows highest bioactivity with low DNA remnants and is free of BSA. The product from human origin can allow faster access to the market, e.g. as excipients, starting materials, active substances or directly applicable substances.

Collagen IV is also lyophilizable and available in bulk quantities upon request.

  • In-vitro organoid cultures/tissue ink
  • In-vitro toxicity assays or other In-vitro routine tests
  • In-vivo applications, like (wound) filler matrices

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Additional information

Placenta Proteins

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