Human Placenta Substrate

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Human Placenta Substrate

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Human Placenta Substrate from THT Biomaterials, Austria.

Human Placenta Substrate is a patented and highly purified, gamma-sterilized bioactive ECM mixture. It contains BM proteins such as laminin-111, collagen IV, thrombin, bioactive growth factors and other minor components. Therefore it is ideal for growth and cultivation of human cells. Addition of fibrinogen, Collagen I and other components leads to polymerization. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) show vasculogenesis within two days when grown in hpS.

Human Placenta Substrate is also lyophilizable and available in bulk quantities upon request.

  • In-vitro organoid cultures/tissue ink
  • In-vitro toxicity assays or other In-vitro routine tests
  • In-vivo applications, like (wound) filler matrices

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Additional information

Placenta Proteins

10 ml