pUC 19 plasmid DNA

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Double stranded pUC 19 plasmid DNA with a length of 2686 base pairs.

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pUC19 is a commonly used E.coli plasmid cloning vector. It is double stranded with a length of 2686 base pairs. pUC19 carries a multiple cloning site (polylinker) that contains unique sites for 13 different restriction endonucleases (6-cutters). This plasmid also contains an ampicillin resistance marker and can be used for blue/white selection.

The complete sequence has been determined, see Yanisch-Perron, C., Vieira, J. and Messing, J. (1985) Gene 33, 103-119

pUC 19 plasmid DNA is supplied as liquid solution with a concentration of 1 mg/ml.

Blue/white selection
Vektor for cloning in E.coli

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