Special Application

Tth DNA Polymerase

Tth Polymerase is a recombinant thermostable enzyme of approximately 94 kDa isolated from eubacterium Thermus thermophilus strain HB8 and expressed in E.coli. This enzyme replicates DNA at 74 °C. It shows RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase activity in the presence of Mn2+ ions. Tth Polymerase has a intrinsic reverse transcription activity, but no RNAse H activity. Tth DNA polymerase can reverse transcript and amplify fragments up to 2 – 3 kb.

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Tth Polymerase, 5 U / µl
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Tth Polymerase, 5 U / µl
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  • Accepts also modified nucleotides
  • Possesses a highly processive 5’ → 3’ polymerase activity, but has no 3’ → 5’ exonuclease activity
  • Not recommended for PCR product cloning because the error rate (3.0 × 10-5) is similar to Taq DNA polymerase


  • RT-PCR for fragments up to 2 – 3 kb
  • PCR
  • Primer extension
  • DNA labeling with modified dNTPs


2018 Cai et al.  

2018 Behrmann et al.