Monoclonal AntiTaq DNA polymerase antibodies were derived from a hybridoma cell line and are mouse IgG type. AntiTaq is used for inhibition of polymerase activity at room temperature, so sensitivity, specificity and yield of DNA is increased.
AntiTaq antibody is available in storage buffer with glycerol and glycerol free.

Product Cat.No. Packsize Quantity  
AntiTaq, 2 mg / ml
121001 100 µg Add to cart
AntiTaq, 2 mg / ml
121005 500 µg Add to cart
AntiTaq, glycerol free, 5 mg/ ml
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AntiTaq, glycerol free, 5 mg / ml
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  • Exact ratio of Taq polymerase and antibodies should be found empirically for the best performance
  • BIORON GmbH recommends you to try SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase – ideal conditions were optimized for this mixture


  • Used for enhancing PCRs by blocking polymerase activity at ambient temperature
  • Glycerol free variant is ideal for lyophilisation