Cot I Human DNA

COT I Human DNA is prepared exclusively from male human placental DNA by shearing, denaturing, and reannealing under conditions that enrich repetitive elements, so the COT I fraction of human genomic DNA consists largely of rapidly annealing repetitive elements.
COT I Human DNA can be used for suppressing crosshybridization to human repetitive DNA in filter and microarray hybridizations and in situ hybridization experiments. Repetitive elements present in a probe may result in unspecific hybridization signals. To enable specific hybridization of the probe to the chromosomal target site the probe is denatured together with an excess of unlabeled COT I Human DNA as a competitor. As a result single-copy gene hybridization is not hindered by repetitive sequences.

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Cot I Human DNA
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  • Filter/ Microarray hybridization assays
  • In-situ hybridization
  • Single-copy-gene hybridization
  • Reduction of cross hybridization

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