BIORON exhibits at Medica 2015 - Hall 3 E6

Welcome to BIORON!

Innovative high-quality products and first-class service offered by BIORON. We help you to perform new challenging tasks in the field of gene technologies in the forthcoming years.

SD Polymerase

unique thermostable

Polymerase for Strand Displacement at its best!

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Customized PCR Master Mixes

Do you want to switch to ready-to-use PCR Master Mixes? But it is hard to find the right one for your special application or formats? Please contact us. We will compose the mix especially targeted for your needs.

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 ONLY one DNA Purification Kit...

for all highly sophisticated samples.

 Don´t waste time to find the right Nucleic Acid Purification Kits.

With PureMagic we have an innovative and ready-to-use Purification Kit for manual and high-throughput application.

PureMagic DNA Extraction Kit

Food analysis now also available in Real-Time

"Know what you eat" by PCR species detection. Very sensitive analysis even of highly processed food.

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