Master Mixes

  • For regular PCR application
  • Master Mixes liquid and lyophilized
  • HotRox Master Mix with Rox reference dye
  • NEW: GreenHot Master Mix lyophilized
Tested Master Mix Standard PCR Multiplex PCR qPCR Hot Start Dye Ref No
Taq Master Mix Lyophilized Yes No No No No 119101LY
SuperHot Master Mix Lyophilized Yes Yes Yes Yes No 119103LY
TaqMan Master Mix Lyophilized No Yes Yes Yes No 119104LY
GreenHot Master Mix Lyophilized No No Yes Yes Yes 119106LY
Taq Master Mix Yes No No No No 101605
SuperHot Master Mix Yes Yes Yes Yes No 119102
HotRox Master Mix, low Rox No Yes Yes No Rox 119505
HotRox Master Mix, high Rox No Yes Yes Yes Rox 119550

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